2010 Woman's Day Contest Asks Why Libraries are Important

What makes your library special to your community? How does it enrich the lives of you and your neighbors?

The American Library Association (ALA) and Woman's Day are looking for stories that showcase the importance and value of libraries within the communities they serve.

Women ages 18 and up are invited to send in their stories in 700 words or less to womansday@ala.org. Up to four stories will be profiled in the March 2011 issue of the magazine or at womansday.com. Entries will be judged equally on originality, clarity of ideas and grace of expression. The contest rules are available at the Woman's Day website.

Since 2002, Woman's Day has asked its readers to write in about "how the library has changed my life," "how the library helped improve my health," and "how the library helped me deal with the tough economy."

Woman's Day magazine is a partner in the Campaign for America's Libraries.