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52 Library Card Uses

52 Library Card Uses

Research the Purchase of a New Car. Number 21 in a series of uses for your library card.

If you’re buying a car, you will probably do more research than kicking the tires of what’s parked on the lot. Great River Regional Library (GRRL) purchases several publications that can help you make satisfactory decisions about your car purchase.

One of the key books to consult is The Car Book by Jack Gillis, a comprehensive car buying guide from the Center for Auto Safety. The Car Book has been published annually for more than 30 years to help consumers identify which vehicles are the safest and most economical. It includes safety ratings, dealer prices, fuel economy, maintenance costs and other information about new cars. Some of the same information is available in the Consumer Reports auto issue, published each April, and also available at GRRL.

We also purchase the National Automobile Dealers Association (N.A.D.A.) Official Used Car Guide including reviews, comparisons and pricing information on used vehicles.

Much information about vehicles has migrated to the web, and some print publications are no longer available. But you are welcome to visit the library and use our Internet computers to consult web sites such as cars.com. You can also search the GRRL databases for general articles and reviews about cars of the size and type you are interested in purchasing.

Once you have your car, become familiar with its mechanics through ChiltonLibrary.com, a GRRL database with repair, maintenance and recall information for most models available in the United States.

GRRL can help take the bumps out of the road. Drive on!