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52 Library Card Uses

52 Library Card Uses

Learn about the history of your city or town. Number 25 in a series of uses for your library card.

If you want to learn the history of towns of Central Minnesota, your local library is the best place to start, and the Great River Regional Library catalog may be the very best place of all. A "Subject Alphabetical" search for any of the six counties in which GRRL has libraries will reveal a list of resources such as directories, newspapers, histories and maps. A "Subject Alphabetical" search for individual cities will often provide a similar list of resources. For example, a subject alphabetical catalog search for Albany produces catalog headings for school yearbooks, biographies, church history, history and newspapers. Those resources can all become part of your historical research.

What you'll find at any of the GRRL locations varies. For example, back issues of some local newspapers are available in microform, but not all are. In some communities, local authors have written church histories, family histories and even personal memoirs describing change within the community. Where these are available, they are often added to the library collection.

You can also use library computers to search online historical sources such as historical society web sites.

Speak with the staff at your local library to learn more about researching the history of your community.