52 Library Card Uses

52 Library Card Uses

Use the library’s resources to start a small business. Number 30 in a series of uses for your library card.

If you have an idea for a small business, you may need answers to questions such as: How do you register your business name? Is anybody else running that kind of business in your area? How are business taxes different than personal taxes? How do you get a loan? What goes into a business plan?

Great River Regional Library (GRRL) buys business books written to answer those questions and give budding entrepreneurs a helping hand on startup. Most of them are found on the non-fiction shelves with numbers beginning in the 650s. The library has more than 40 books on the topic of business planning, more than 70 books on business communication and more than 20 books on business finance. It has specialized books such as A Guide To Starting A Business In Minnesota from the Minnesota Small Business Assistance Office, the Business Plans Handbook, and the Minnesota Business Directory with data on 271,000 businesses in Minnesota, organized by city, and by yellow page categories.

You can also do business research on the library's databases, especially the Business Source Premier with full text business articles from more than 2,100 journals, market research reports, industry reports and more. And, the library subscribes to several business-oriented magazines such as The Business Journal, Home Business Magazine and Business Week.

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