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52 Library Card Uses

52 Library Card Uses

Find out how to navigate the Internet: Number 11 in a series of uses for your library card.

It’s hard to believe that broadband Internet as we know it became widely available only ten years ago. Today, you browse online and hardly notice whether the English language sites you visit are from the UK, Australia, the US or elsewhere. You can shop online and no longer have serious concerns about whether your credit card information will be compromised or whether the items you order will be delivered. It truly is a World Wide Web. It’s where you get your tax forms, buy your vacation package, look for job openings, download books, and sign up for college classes. Want to plan a family reunion? There’s no easier way than via the Internet. Knowing how to access the Internet has become vital to full participation in our society.

All 32 Great River Regional Library branches have public access Internet stations as well as wireless Internet service. If you have a friend or relative who doesn’t know how to do what you are doing right now, accessing the GRRL website online, bring them to the library and show them how on our computers.

Your library is a gateway to the world!