52 Library Card Uses

Number 1 in a series of 52 Library Card Uses: Get to know Great River staff, the ultimate search engine.
Libraries are stuffed full of information, and Great River Regional Library (GRRL) staff are information professionals, trained in how to provide information services or materials for their customers, our library patrons.
A key to what makes GRRL effective is combining local staff and resources with specialized staff in GRRL’s administrative hub based in St. Cloud. If you have a question or you need information, the place to begin is usually with your local branch library. Staff there know what is on the shelves. Quite often, that will include local resources that aren’t widely available such as monographs on local families, buildings or historical events. Staff have also been trained in how to access statewide resources available through online databases.
If local staff are not able to meet your information needs, they’ll get in touch with the reference librarians in St. Cloud who have almost unlimited access to materials and information resources. Our reference librarians have advanced degrees in library science and specialized interests within the field so they are expert at researching information.
If you have a question, you can access reference librarians through the GRRL web site, www.griver.org. Click on Ask a Librarian. You can send email, phone, have an instant messaging transaction, or if you’re in the St. Cloud Public Library neighborhood, stop by at the Information Desk.
Get to know your library staff. You’ll be happy you did.
Check next week to see Number 2 in the series of 52 Library Card Uses.