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A MN State of Music

A MN State of Music

You’ve heard Bob Dylan, you’ve heard Prince, and maybe the Surahoolies too. But there’s a lot more Minnesota music to discover.

To help you find it, Great River Regional Library (GRRL) staff are adding “Minnesota – Music” to the online records for all the music we own that we know to be recorded by Minnesota musicians. What this means for library users is that you can find Minnesota music easily. Just go to the search menu on the library catalog, select “Subject Keyword,” enter “Minnesota – Music” and click on the red arrow button. In the blink of an eye, a list with hundreds of Minnesota music selections fills the screen. Neal & Leandra are there, the Lamont Cranston Blues Band, Charlie Roth, and a whole bunch of musicians whose impact is less regional and more local, such as Ring of Kerry and the Stearns County Pachanga Society.

This is a work in progress. Like other libraries around the world, GRRL is a member of a not-for-profit called OCLC which is the source of GRRL catalog records. OCLC didn’t previously provide catalog records with a subject of “Minnesota - Music.” But as GRRL staff search out and catalog Minnesota music, that subject is being added into the OCLC database where it will become available to the world through Worldcat.org as well as the GRRL catalog. It’s a time-consuming labor of love. But how else are you going to learn about the Urban Hillbilly Quartet, Patches & Gretchen, and Livid Lover?

“Minnesota – Music,” check it out!