• All branches closing at 5 PM on Thanksgiving Eve, November 26

  • All branches closed for Thanksgiving Day, November 27

Hours Changing at Albany, Eagle Bend, Kimball and Melrose Libraries

Four libraries within the Great River Regional Library system are modifying their open hours effective January, 2010. The four libraries are in Albany, Eagle Bend, Kimball and Melrose. In each location, the new hours will continue to provide opportunities for people with varied schedules to visit the library.

New Hours Effective January, 2010

Albany Public Library
Monday: 12-7
Tuesday: 12-8
Wednesday: 10-5
Thursday: 12-6
Friday: 12-6
Saturday: 10-1
Sunday: closed

Eagle Bend Public Library
Monday: 10-5
Tuesday: 10-5
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 4-7
Friday: closed
Saturday: 9-12
Sunday: closed

Kimball Public Library
Monday: 3-6
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 10-1, 3-6
Thursday: 10-1, 3-8
Friday: closed
Saturday: 9-12
Sunday: closed

Melrose Public Library
Monday: 2-8
Tuesday: 2-5
Wednesday: 2-7
Thursday: 10-12, 2-5
Friday: 2-6
Saturday: 10-12
Sunday: closed