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Wine and Vinegar Making with Nancy and Ron Leasman

Wine and Vinegar Making with Nancy and Ron Leasman

Nancy Leasman, author, master gardener and herbalist, along with her husband Ron, introduced the process of making wine vinegar to an audience at the Annandale Public Library. Patrons from several communities came to enjoy a wonderful and informative presentation on making vinegar. Each patron went home with a "starter" to create their own wine vinegar, along with some recipes to try.

Vinegar is not just for salad dressing! It has many culinary and therapeutic uses and is quite easy to make. The finished vinegar can be infused with your favorite herb. The varieties are endless. Leasman has written a book titled "Leatherwood Vinegary, A Winery Gone Sour," which describes the process of making vinegars and includes recipes taking advantage of its flavors.

Come join us in September when the Leasmans will make an encore  presentation.