Audiobooks in June

There’s something almost primal about listening to a good story. Before books, this is what our ancestors did. Around the campfire and at celebrations, storytellers would weave the oral history and mythology of their times.

Today, if your eyes are tired, if you’re otherwise occupied by doing the dishes or driving a car, or if you just like being read to, Great River Regional Library (GRRL) can help. You have access to thousands of audiobooks through your GRRL branch. As June is National Audiobook Month, this is a perfect time to check one out to listen to. Do a General Keyword search of the catalog using “spoken word” and you’ll get more than 20,000 hits. We have teen books, children’s books, classics, non-fiction and all the latest thrillers, romances and mysteries available in audio. Search the catalog by specific title and look through formats available to see if a sound recording (cassette) or compact disc version is offered.

You can select from three formats: audio cassette, CD, and digital download.
Cassette: Manufacturers have abandoned the cassette format, but GRRL still maintains a substantial collection of titles because we know there are lots of cars on the road with cassette players.
CD: Newer titles, such as “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and Stephanie Meyer’s teen vampire tales are on CD. New titles arrive every week and the collection keeps growing.
Digital Download: Digital downloads are available through NetLibrary. They can be set up to work with a desktop computer or a portable device. GRRL is currently working on a new and improved downloadable audiobook option.