GRRL Board Makes Annual Election of Officers at Meeting

GRRL Board Makes Annual Election of Officers at Meeting

The GRRL Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010 at St. Cloud Public Library, and elected new officers.

The Board welcomed new member and Sherburne County Commissioner Rachel Leonard (pictured), who replaces Sherburne County Commissioner Felix Schmiesing. Schmiesing is now the Sherburne County Board Chair. Leonard is a retired educator and an attorney and lives in Zimmerman. (The Stearns County citizen position vacated by John Meuers remains open.)

The Board held its annual election of officers and appointed standing committee members. Elected officers are:
• President - Bernard Burke, Wright County citizen representative
• Vice President - Louise Kuester, Sherburne County citizen representative
• Treasurer - Jan Bensen, Sherburne County citizen representative
• Secretary - Bernice Berns, Stearns County citizen representative

The executive committee for 2010 will consist of Bernard Burke, President (Wright), Louise Kuester, Vice President (Sherburne), Jan Bensen, Treasurer (Sherburne), Bernice Berns, Secretary (Stearns), and commissioners Spencer Buerkle (Benton), Rich Collins (Morrison) and Gerald Ruda (Todd).

Appointed to the Personnel Committee are Bernard Burke, Bernice Berns, Robert Hare, Louise Kuester, Gerry Ruda, Pat Sawatzke, and Vince Schaefer.