Better Than Ever!

Better Than Ever!

How Do You Place A Value On Library Services?
With libraries elsewhere closing their doors, Minnesota lawmakers considering legislation that will destabilize library funding, and Legacy funding - a boon to rural cultural activity - under fire, we need to make sure people know the value libraries add to their communities.

More books, CDs, DVDs…
In 2010, Great River Regional Library (GRRL) patrons checked out 4,129,443 items, about nine items per capita, each with an estimated value of $25. We estimate the per capita tax contribution to library services as approximately $17. That’s $225 value for a $17 investment: what a deal! Now add on free Internet access, information assistance, storytimes and other programs, and a chance to be informed about the world from a comfortable seat in your own community. It’s priceless!

Exactly How Many Books, CDs, DVDs?
On Jan. 1, 2011, GRRL owned 955,483 items. All available to you! (And don’t forget our interlibrary service willing to locate other items from libraries outside of GRRL.)

A New Digital Library
Some people talk about eBooks replacing the printed page, but we don’t think so, not for a long time. It’s an addition not a replacement. Check it out.

Programming of All Kinds
The Legacy programs, paid for from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund (approved by voters at the 2008 elections) have made it possible for libraries to schedule jazz groups, theatre workshops, author talks, cartooning classes and all manner of interesting events. From tiny tots in Baby Bounce programs to seniors in Computer Basics classes, we provide programming of a high quality.

Help us spread the word about the value of our services. Talk to friends and others in the community about your experience. If you've enjoyed Legacy programming at your library and believe this is an appropriate use of funds, tell your elected representative. Do you have ties with local politicians? Tell them, too. Help us continue to provide high quality library services.