Buffalo Public Library Remodeling Begins This Week

Buffalo Public Library is beginning a major remodeling this week.

The remodel entails renovating one community room to be a children's area and the other community room to be a periodical room. By moving items into these two areas, staff will be able to spread out the collection of books, videos and other items and add a designated Teen area.

“We plan to add one self checkout and dazzling new colors everywhere,” said Branch Manager Amy Wittmann. "The children's area will be very bright with a large puppet show area and hanging lights shaped like friendly bugs. The design also features boat sail type decorations in the ceiling to promote the library’s lovely location on the lake."

The remodeling project will proceed in two phases. Phase one will include the lobby and community rooms. Wittmann plans to keep the library open during that phase which is planned to take 60 days. Phase two will probably include a 2-week shutdown while shelves are moved and new flooring installed. The planned completion date is Feb. 1, 2010.

“The city of Buffalo employees have been so helpful during this moving stage and so have staff from GRRL headquarters in St. Cloud,” Wittmann said. “Feel free to stop by and see the progress we are making.”