Cokato Rainy Day Tea Party a Thundering Success

Cokato Rainy Day Tea Party a Thundering Success

On Saturday, April 14, 2012 the Friends of the Cokato Area Library (FOCAL) hosted 111 guests at their 6th Tea Party Fundraiser themed Rainy Day and together raised over $3,500 through ticket sales, auction baskets and cookbook sales.

Money raised through the FOCAL group supports Cokato Public Library’s programming and future library expansion project.

Guests dined on:  End of the Rainbow Lentil Salad, Blue Sky Deviled Eggs, Tornado Turkey Wraps, Hurricane Carrot Curls, Blustery Day Celery Fronds, Hailstone Scones, RUMbling Cumulous Cloud Cream, Cloudberry Preserves, Mud Pies, Rainy Day Cupcakes and of course TG Black Tea (and coffee, cocoa and lemonade).   All the recipes for this tea party and past tea parties are included in the FOCAL Cookbook, on sale at the Cokato Public Library for $15.

Winners of the Rainy Day Photo contest:  Jeff Petter: Untitled (Double Rainbow); Isaiah Mahlstedt: Pitcher Pump; Harvey Barberg: A Rainy Day; and Terresa Keskey-Huselid: 2 Tulips.

Mark your calendars! Next year’s tea party has been set: Saturday, April 6, 2013. Theme: Tea by the Sea.