Enjoy the Holidays

The Great River Regional Library collection of books, videos and music has plenty for you to enjoy at this special time of year.

Search the library’s catalog using one of the choices from our dropdown menu.

"Subject Alphabetical" is a good starting point. Do a subject alphabetical search with the term “Holiday” and you’ll find sub-category entries to explore including Holiday cookery, Holiday decorations, and Holiday music. You'll find titles like these: “Celebrate The Seasons: Four seasons of recipes, decorating tips & easy-to-make gifts,” “All-time Favorite Gifts From The Kitchen,” “Finding The Right Words For The Holidays,” and “Beatrice Ojakangas’ Great Holiday Baking Book.”

You can also do a "Title Keyword" search. Enter the title keyword “Craft” and you’ll get nearly 500 hits, with craft books for kids and adults including “211 Things a Bright Boy Can Do,” “30 Dough Creations” and the “Girlfriends’ Get-Together Craft Book.”

Enter terms and subjects that interest you and see what you find. Explore your library! Happy Holidays!