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Find Antique Treasures at Your GRRL Library

Find Antique Treasures at Your GRRL Library

July 2011 saw the first issue of a new magazine named Treasures: Antique to Modern Collecting. The editor announces that "Treasures" replace both Antiques and Collecting Magazine and "Collectors News" magazine. “We want to be your number one guide to the world of antiques and collectibles,” she writes.
"Treasures" includes an events calendar, antique auction highlights from around the world, features on art and antiques, and more than ten pages of boxed ads for dealers, auctions and flea markets around the country, including “Minnesota’s Largest July Antique Show & Flea Market” July 2-4 (www.TradersMarket.us). You’ll find "Treasures" on the shelf at our St. Cloud and Monticello locations. You can also place holds on issues to have them sent to your local library.
Back issues of "Antiques and Collecting Magazine" remain available and they contain many interesting and informative articles. Great River Regional Library (GRRL) also subscribes to Art & Antiques magazine, which contains in-depth articles with a focus on high-end art, home furnishings and antiques.
You can find much more information about antiques and collectibles in library books. The GRRL catalog’s Subject alphabetical index includes books on antique collectors and collecting, antiques as an investment, and antiques conservation and restoration. A subject keyword search of the GRRL catalog for Antiques generates nearly 200 hits including the familiar Miller’s Antiques Price Guide and the recently purchased Killer Stuff and Tons of Money: seeking history and hidden gems in flea-market America.
If you enjoy antiques, you’ll enjoy our collection.