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Find Getaway Ideas and More at Great River Regional Library

Find Getaway Ideas and More at Great River Regional Library

Whatever you're planning, if you’re looking for ideas, chances are you can find some at the library.

Whether you’re planning a garden, a change in careers, a meal to impress or a summer vacation, the library’s a great place to start.

Buffalo library users Joe and Brenda Lenz were looking for ideas for a spring break when they came across the book “100 Classic Hikes in Southern California” by Allen Riedel. They checked it out and used it to plan a spring break to Southern California. (That's Joe and Brenda in the photo, next to a Josha Tree.)

“As a result of finding this book at the Buffalo Library, we completed two of the hikes described in the book,” they wrote. “These hikes included #18 – Barker Dam in the Joshua Tree National Park, and #40 – Solstice Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Thanks to the Buffalo Library for carrying this book. This resource added greatly to our vacation and experience.”

Of course, it’s a book available through all 32 Great River Regional Library (GRRL) branches and to all patrons, one of almost a million items you have access to if you’re a GRRL cardholder.

So, what are you planning?