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Great Foreign TV at the Library

Great Foreign TV at the Library

There is TV so bad you shut it off, TV you leave on while you do something else, and once in a while there’s TV you put everything else aside for. If you enjoy really good TV, take a look at some of the foreign television series available at the library that you won't find elsewhere.

Borgen: The life of Denmark’s (fictional) first female prime minister is at the center of Borgen, an enthralling modern Danish political drama about the personal costs of the struggle for power.

The Bridge (Bron, Broen): The Swedish original that spawned an American version. It begins with a body (actually halves of two separate bodies) found on the center of a bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark, bringing two police forces together in a tense, series-long manhunt.

Hinterland: A crime drama series set in and around Aberystwyth, a small university town on the beautiful, craggy Welsh coast. Darker almost than Scandinavian dramas, with more rain and less snow.

Wallander: This Swedish crime drama series based on the novels by Henning Mankell is even better than the BBC version aired on PBS, its weary main character more convincing.

Not all good TV series have a body count. For light, high quality entertainment, try these:

Last Tango in Halifax: When widowed pensioners reconnect more than 50 years after parting as teenagers, their love affair brings together two charmingly dysfunctional families.

Top Gear: the original BBC series. Three crazy British car enthusiasts thrash expensive supercars, sail home-made amphibious automobiles across the English Channel, drive used jalopies across unforgiving African deserts, race Winnebago’s, and in other ways narrowly avoid death while demonstrating their love for motor cars. (Not to be confused with the charmless American version which replicates in a scripted format what happens spontaneously in the British series.)

Several catalog search strategies can help you find foreign TV at GRRL. You can do a Subject Keyword search for "Television series - Great Britain" or a broader Subject Keyword search for "Television series."  Sort by Publication Date to get the most recent series at the top. There's a lot of material to look through, but there's so much to discover!