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Kids' Fiction

Kids' Fiction

There's a New, Best & Fun page tabbed on the catalog, and on that page you can find a list of great new children's fiction. The Kids' Fiction list is full of fun, with adventures, mysteries and funny books for the young reader.

The Fog Diver is set in a dystopian world in which a poisonous fog has forced humans to live high in the mountains. The fog diver of the title works on an airship, from which he dives down into the fog to recover relics to trade for food. Circus Mirandus tells the story of a young boy living with his ill grandfather, who tells him stories of the Circus Mirandus he went to when he was a boy. The fantastic elements of the book have drawn comparisons to Roald Dahl. Curtain Up, a new Stagestruck novel, is from the "let's put on a show" tradition, with a 12-year-old girl at its center.

You'll find plenty of titles on the list for various reading levels and interests. Take a look. Place your holds. Check it out!