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Kids' Nonfiction

Kids' Nonfiction

Kids like facts. They're still learning, and they absorb information like sponges. We have some great new Kids Nonfiction books on the library's New, Best & Fun list.

In "W Is For Webster" kids can learn about Noah Webster who spent 20 years compiling his dictionary of American English. They can also read a Newsmakers biography of "Malala Yousafzai," the teenage girl who survived being shot in the head after speaking out about the need for women's education in Pakistan. We have a new children's book about "The Impossible Voyage Of Kon-Tiki," the adventurous journey by raft that proved ancient Peruvians could have sailed to the islands of the South Pacific. There are books about freshwater fishing, Lego characters, dinosaurs and lots of other topics, all selected and written specially for children.

There's something for every child on the juvenile nonfiction shelves. So check it out!