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Kids' Nonfiction

Kids' Nonfiction

Kids like facts. They're still learning, and they absorb information like sponges. We have some great new Kids Nonfiction books on the library's New, Best & Fun list.

"1,000 Facts About The Bible" presents historical stories and facts about aspects of life during biblical times. Closer to home, "Connecting The Coasts: The race to build the transcontinental railroad," explains why the railroad was needed and the lasting effects it had on the nation. "Discovering The West: The expedition of Lewis and Clark" does something similar for the pioneering explorers who opened up passageways across the country. And you can go back even further to learn about "Early People," our stone-tool ancestors who discovered fire, the origins of agriculture, art and language.

You'll find kids nonfiction books about dinosaurs, sports, staying home alone, and more. There's something for everybody. So check it out!