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Return to Honor

Return to Honor

The Little Falls Carnegie Library is hosting a program titled "Return to Honor" on Saturday, April 16 at 2:00 p.m.  It is being presented by CLIMB Theatre from the Twin Cities.  The play is about 40 minutes long and is especially good for families.  As with all library programs this event is free.  CLIMB Theatre's publicity for this program states:

"While there are programs for the soldiers themselves in the weeks and months after they return there are few, if any, programs for the communities that receive them. Co-workers, friends, and acquaintances can either help or hinder the military personnel’s reintegration.

"Return to Honor is a forty-minute play, appropriate to family, friends and community members of war veterans. Children as young as ten are welcome to attend provided a parent or legal guardian accompanies them. Return to Honor has been carefully crafted to:

 - Inspire respect by presenting scenes which acknowledge that service is honorable and that demonstrate respect for the individuals who have served.

 - Expose the challenges faced by military personnel and their families during the period of reintegration, through scenes that represent these challenges with honesty and dignity.

 - Teach strategies that communities and extended families can use to support the successful reintegration of military personnel into their lives.

 - Articulate the military mission as the members of the Armed Forces state it and a) demonstrate the individual’s capacity for adherence to the mission as a positive outlook and b) show how those beliefs can be respected, even by those who may disagree with the mission.

 - Educate about the resources available to support successful reintegration."

This program is funded in part with money from Minnesota's Arts and Cultural Heritage fund.