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Guthrie Bus Trip Big Hit for Melrose

Guthrie Bus Trip Big Hit for Melrose

On Tuesday, May 24, the Melrose Public Library took three charter buses to the Guthrie Theater to see the play “Arsenic and Old Lace.” This trip was funded through the Legacy Amendment, and was a fantastic opportunity for the 163 library patrons that were able attend.
The play “Arsenic and Old Lace” was written by American playwright Joseph Kesselring in 1939. It's a dark comedy following the events of the Brewster family. The young Mortimer Brewster discovers that his two aunts, who are known as the sweetest and most charitable ladies in the neighborhood, have been performing mercy killings and have bodies buried in the basement. As Mortimer is trying to decide how to handle this situation, his twisted brother Jonathan comes to visit with a victim of his own. With both parties attempting to hide their victims from one another, multiple cases of mistaken identity and body switching ensue, and everything explodes into a hilarious conclusion that only leaves the audience wanting more.
The buses left from three different departure points at 5 p.m., and returned at around midnight. Though it was a late night, the opportunity was far too great to be passed up, and the play was highly enjoyed by all who attended.