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InPulse Performance in Melrose

InPulse Performance in Melrose

On February 17, the students of Melrose High School had the opportunity to see and hear InPulse, an a cappella group. Featuring five talented singers, InPulse creates unique interpretations of songs using only voice. In an event funded by the Legacy Amendment and sponsored by the Melrose Public Library, students were able to attend a short teaser concert in the afternoon, filling the auditorium with over 500. It was a versatile and high energy performance that was enjoyed by students and teachers alike, from a stunning rendition of Leonard Cohen's “Hallelujah” to original songs written by members of the group. 

After the concert, the group visited the high school choir and band class, during which students were able to ask the group questions relating to their experiences. InPulse members shared memories from road trips and gave advice to students wishing to pursue their own careers in the music industry. Ninety-five students were able to benefit from this more intimate question and answer session, and the group even sang a few more songs. They also visited the middle school choir, with a turnout of 50 students.

In the evening, there was a free concert open to the community. The crowd consisted of students who had seen the afternoon concert as well as many adults who had not had the opportunity.  InPulse drew a large group, with about 450 attending. It was a performance enjoyable for all ages, with encores of songs that had been performed during the afternoon as well as some new ones. The only disappointment was that the concert was InPulse’s last performance as a group, but it can certainly be said that they went out with a bang.