New Permanent Link Feature Makes it Easy to Save Your Search

You find something online you like, you bookmark it, have lunch, and go back later, or again and again.
That bookmark is a handy little tool.
You can do the same thing when you search the library catalog.
Great River Regional Library (GRRL) now has a good way to bookmark and share links to catalog keyword search results. Staff members have added a “Permanent Link” for searches just after the last result on the page on the left side. Maybe you’ve been researching information on trees so you can plant something fruit-bearing in your backyard, or maybe you’ve been looking for music for a reunion party. If you like the results of a keyword search and want to return to it, you can save the search by clicking on the Permanent Link and bookmarking the page. And, you can copy the URL and share it with somebody else so they can see what you see.
Great GRRL is always modifying and improving the catalog and its features. Another handy tool is the “Series” notation in records. It lets you know the publication order of a series of books. (For example, “The Monkey’s Raincoat,” by Robert Crais, the first Elvis Cole mystery.)
Visiting a library and browsing books on the shelf is fun, but the catalog is the only place to find the complete wealth of the library’s collection.