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New Teen Fiction

New Teen Fiction

Our New Teen Fiction list includes recently published and purchased titles. It is always changing, and it's a great place to find what's new in young adult literature at the library.

You'll find books written for an audience of girls, others written for an audience of boys, some that will appeal to all teens, and others aimed at preteens or young adults. Jordan Dane's Indigo Awakening tells the story of paranormal, gifted children being hunted by a church determined to eradicate them. Inherit Midnight has been described as "39 Clues for teenagers." It's the story of an illegitimate girl drawn into a competition to inherit a family fortune. Polly And The One And Only World is set in a future America ravaged by catastrophic climate change, and is the story of a young witch struggling against religious zealotry. A 'travelogue romance novel,' The Carnival At Bray is set in the '90s among Irish grunge music lovers.

These and many other books for young readers are on the Teen Fiction list. To find the list click on the New, Best & Fun page tabbed from the catalog. The list is updated frequently, so check in and check it out!