Open Hours Survey Shows Variety of Opinions

Open Hours Survey Shows Variety of Opinions

Here are the results of our recent Open Hours survey, conducted online through the website. It received 726 responses.
We asked:

1. Which GRRL location you use the most?
Responses came in from around the region. The most responses came from St. Cloud and Waite Park, but response totals from towns such as Big Lake, Cokato and Kimball suggest strong interest in local open hours.

2. Whether you prefer consistent hours or a range of morning, afternoon and evening hours?
50% (363) said they prefer their library to be open a range of morning, afternoon, and evening hours; 39% (281) said they prefer that their library be open with consistent hours every day.

3. What day(s) you use the library?
Every day is a popular day at the library! Wednesday was the most popular choice with 523, but even the least popular choice, Saturday, received 466 votes.

4. What time of day you are most likely to use the library?
227 people said they are most likely to use the library in the evening, and other respondents were fairly evenly split among morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon.

5. Which days of the week you want your library open?
Although 307 respondents said the current library schedule meets their needs, Sunday was the day most selected (by 207) as the day they would like their library open.

6. Which time of day you want your library open?
Afternoons seem to be the least popular time of day to visit the library. Mornings (140) and evenings (217) garnered the highest responses.

Results for each individual library location are being reviewed by staff as part of our annual evaluation of open hours. Thanks to everyone who completed the survey.