Paynesville Joins Monticello, St. Cloud in Offering Language Software

Paynesville is the latest branch of Great River Regional Library to add Rosetta Stone language learning software on a dedicated computer. It joins Monticello and St. Cloud in providing this additional resource to language learners.

Great River Regional Library also provides hundreds of print items useful to language learners such as “Arabic for Dummies,” “1,000 German Words,” and “Beginner’s Russian” and numerous language learning kits containing traditional spoken word cassettes and CDs.

Languages available in Paynesville are:
English for Spanish speakers
Spanish (levels 1, 2 & 3)

Languages available in Monticello are:
English for Spanish speakers
Mandarin Chinese
Spanish (levels 1, 2 & 3)

Languages available in St. Cloud are:
Arabic level 1
English levels 1 through 3
French levels 1 and 2
German levels 1 and 2
Italian levels 1 and 2
Japanese levels 1 through 3
Mandarin Chinese level 1
Spanish (Latin American) levels 1 through 5

The languages were chosen based on national or ethnic groups in the community as well as current demand for language instruction materials.

Rosetta Stone is a leading provider of technology-based language learning software. It has earned a reputation for being an easy to use and effective way to develop language skills. The Rosetta Stone license obtained by the library permits single-user on-site access. By agreement, the software cannot be downloaded to additional computers or checked out.

Library card holders who have access to GRRL services are allowed to reserve the Rosetta computers. Please contact your library for more information.