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For Beginning Readers, Check Out "I Can Read" - And More!

For Beginning Readers, Check Out "I Can Read" - And More!

According to the  I Can Read!™ website (http://www.icanread.com/) , in the mid-1950's, a librarian called a friend at Harper Collins and  "told her that children needed simple books that they could read on their own. Soon after, the I Can Read! books were born." Easy books have limited vocabulary, and include illustrations that give clues about the words on the page. They help beginning readers decode new words and practice reading the words they already know. As with any other skill, practice makes perfect!  

Today, most publishers of children's books have a beginning reader division.  These beginning readers are colorful, funny and interesting; they engage young readers, so they keep on reading. Today, along with the Sid Hoff, Dr. Seuss, Dick and Jane and 'Amelia Bedelia' titles so many remember from their childhood, the library has Star Wars™, Legos™, Look and Find and many more new series. Ask your librarian to show you where to find the Beginning Readers books in your local library, or watch for the "Ei" call number when you're browsing the online catalog.