Check Out Our Old Books, Too!

Check Out Our Old Books,  Too!

 New books are great, but sometimes, it's the old tomes that get the job done. Great River Regional Library (GRRL) is neither a museum nor an archive, but it does have lots of  local history books. Some published shortly after the turn of the last century, these books are great resources for genealogy research as well as for those looking to find out more about their own city, county or state. Many are reference only, meaning they must be used within the library and cannot be checked out. But always check the library catalog: Sometimes, there are circulating copies that you can check out.

For history trivia buffs: The Paynesville Branch of GRRL celebrates its 100th year as a public library this year. The first librarian, Miss Agonia Hemerdinger, was selected in 1910, and worked until 1913.  (From Paynesville Minnesota Centennial 1858 -1958 .)