• All branches closed for Memorial Day, May 30th.

Pilot Project Puts Manager In Charge of Annandale & Kimball

Since April 30, Kimball Public Library Branch Manager Carla Asfeld has also been managing the Annandale Area Public Library.

Consolidating management of the two libraries is a new Great River Regional Library (GRRL) initiative designed to do two things: free up Asfeld's time for management-related activities and release funding for an additional 28 staff hours so customers can receive improved personal service.

After one month, Asfeld can see the shared management is going to work. Managing two libraries is stretching her right now, she said, because she's hiring and training staff, and getting used to her own changing role as well as a new building. It's a transition made easier by veteran staff at Kimball who can take care of things while she's away, and the close proximity of the two communities.

"People love their library in Annandale," Asfeld said. "That library has so much support."

Asfeld has been with GRRL for more than 13 years. GRRL Director Kirsty Smith said Asfeld has built a great relationship with the Kimball Friends of the Library group and the local community, and she is confident Asfeld will transfer her knowledge, skills and abilities to the Annandale branch and community.

"I want to be successful and I'm going to give it my best shot," Asfeld said.