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Rockford Library Youth Love to Read, and Write!

Rockford Library Youth Love to Read, and Write!

Rockford youth love to read! Almost 7,000 children’s books have been checked out during our “Dig into Reading” Summer Program. These children also love to write! Rockford library received 21 submissions for our Blue Ribbon Reader Essay Contest during the month of July. Children and teens aged 8-18 answered the question “Why do you love to read?” Here are some of their responses:

“I think books give you knowledge and teach you history back before 2000. Books are amazing and funny and interesting.” Tony, 10.

“When I read a book about, let’s say a forest, I imagine myself there. In the forest there’s lush moss on the cool soil and sparkling dew on the dark green leaves.”  Rayna, 10.

“My Grandma would read stories to me before my naps. (She watched me while my parents went to work.) Ever since, my love of reading has continued to grow.” Brandi, 9.

“I love to read because it lets my imagination soar. For example, I can’t get a dog but reading about them helps me imagine I do have one.” Lois, 10.

“I learn so much that I would have never known. Reading several articles about one event or person allows me to understand different sides or opinions, which is critical when one wants to write a bipartisan essay or paper.” Lindsey, 17.

“You can find books to read to younger children or to brothers and sisters.” Jazmyn, 9.

“When you read a story, most of the time it brings you good inspiration to do things you’ve never done before! For example, when you read a book about trees it might motivate you to want to help protect nature.” Loryn, 10.

“I love to read so I can find a book I can call ‘Such a good book.’” Kailey, 11.

“I love to find books that I like so I can continue to read the series out in the grass.” Sydney, 10.

“I also love to read because it blocks out my troubles and I can pretty much be in my own world which is when my nose is in a book. That’s why I call it my world because nobody is in that story when I am.” Anpo, 12.

“I read everywhere: at home, in the car, and other places.” Jade, 9.

“I like reading to learn new things and to go through the awesome story the book has to tell. Sometimes I even wish the story was real.” Austin, 11.

“I learn some new words and it helps me with spelling. I also can have an excuse to not do a chore or work.” Alayna, 11.

“Every day I learn at least 2 new things from a book, and that is why I love to read.” Libby, 10.

“I love to read because books can take me anywhere, to far away kingdoms or to terrible ferocious dragons!” Maggie, 8.

 “When I was a little kid (like when I was 3 or 4) my mom taught me to read and I didn’t like it a lot. When I got a little older I liked it a little more.” Cooper, 8.

“If I read, I usually read like 30 minutes at a time. I like to read outside in trees or inside on my bed.” Ian, 11.

“Reading. New adventures. Exotic places. When I read I go to places that I have never been before.” Tifffani, 16.

“I love to read to the little kids at school. I hope people will always love to read as much as I do. Books were always a part of our past, and will always be part of our present and future.” Arly, 11.

“Books also help you realize there is a lot more world and history than you may realize. They can also help you relax and remain calm and that is why I love to read.” Patrick, 14.

“Books can be told in pictures, regular words, or poetry. Reading is so much fun and I love how the library does different programs to keep us reading!” Sydney, 11.

Thank you to all who participated!