Support Your Library With Winning Purchase Program

Support Your Library With Winning Purchase Program

Booklovers who purchase eBooks and eAudiobooks can now benefit the Great River Regional Library (GRRL) when they purchase digital content and other items online.

We have added a “Buy It Now” link to catalog entries on our Digital Library pages. If the digital item you want to check out isn’t immediately available and you decide to buy it instead, you can click on the “Buy It Now” button. The click will take you through to, Barnes & Noble, BooksOnBoard or Powell’s Books. If you purchase the item from one of those commercial websites, a portion of the sale will be credited back to the library. The library will also benefit from any additional purchases you make through the Buy It Now link.

It’s called a Win Affiliate partnership, and it is managed by OverDrive, the same company that contracts digital services to the library. The library earns credits from each purchase and can use the credits to purchase additional Overdrive eBooks and eAudiobooks.

Not all of the retailers offer the same titles or formats as the library, so you may need to check more than one website from the “Buy It Now” link. Not all the content available will be compatible with all devices.

Here's some advice to help ensure you purchase materials you can use and enjoy:
• review the information on the retailer's website
• review the Overdrive information on the library’s website, and
• review the information relating to your personal eAudiobook or eBook device