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The Swanville Library Has Lived in Many Homes

The Swanville Library Has Lived in Many Homes

Swanville had a public library before the Great River Regional Library (GRRL) began operations in 1969. The earliest records show a library in the town sometime before 1945. That library was housed in the building where the present funeral home is located.

In 1945 the library was moved  to an empty house  that sat on the corner of Fourth Street. and DeGraff Avenue. In 1957 the Swanville Community Center was built and the library moved to the basement of that building.

After becoming a founding branch member of GRRL in 1969, the library moved upstairs in the community center, using the whole room. This was not to be forever; a dentist came to town in July of 1979 and needed the rooms on one side for examining patients. The library then moved over using the other half of rooms in the building and that is where we are today.

The irony of all of this is that we are still looking for a different  home for the Swanville Library and have been since 1945. The current building is too small to allow the library to expand its collection. We have been considering the available options but things have not yet fallen into place for a move to happen.