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Treats of all kinds

Treats of all kinds

Halloween is celebrated Oct. 31. It began as an ancient Celtic festival which marked the end of their old year and the beginning of the new one on Nov. 1. Winter was descending, along with dark nights and cold temperatures. It was a moment when the join between the worlds of the living and of the dead slid apart and ghostly trouble bubbled all around. Druids built bonfires and sacrificed animals. People wore animal skins and told each other’s fortunes. Did they trick or treat? Smell each other’s feet? We’ll never know.
But if you want to make your Halloween celebration extra special, check out Halloween books, videos and music from the library. A general keyword search of the library catalog for Halloween generates nearly a thousand hits, including children’s books, craft books, costume books, recipes, DVDs, and more. Curious George, Clifford and Corduroy are just a few of the children’s favorites with their own Halloween titles. There are countless books to help you make your Halloween party a success.
If your Halloween planning is done, it’s not too early to begin thinking about Thanksgiving and other holidays. The library is the best place to do your research and planning for all kinds of special events..