GRRL~Upsala! A Place for Kids to Play!

GRRL~Upsala!  A Place for Kids to Play!

GRRL~Upsala!  A Place for Kids to Play!

Throughout 2011, staff at the Upsala Public Library collected a variety of educational toys for families who frequent the branch.  From alphabet floor tiles to a ball cage to cardboard building blocks, toys are available for Upsala area kids who visit the library for books, movies and fun! 

"It's nice to come in and have toys for the little kids,"  commented one mom. "It makes visits easier as a family."

Great River Regional Library branch libraries provide a place for kids and a place for families. Communities invest in libraries and that investment pays dividends in higher literacy skills, stronger family structures and deeper bonds to community. As one mother said, "We love coming to the library! The environment is kid-friendly and it's a wonderful place to learn and grow. We appreciate the opportunities for fun activities as well."