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"Henrietta! The Moooosical" Keeps Upsala Kids Dancin'

"Henrietta! The Moooosical" Keeps Upsala Kids Dancin'

     BAWK, BAWWWKKK!  MOOOO!  BAAA!  WOOOF!  Sounds usually associated with the farm tumbled off the stage of the Upsala Area Schools auditorium on May 18 and 19 as first-grade students danced, sang and acted their way into stardom.  GRRL~Upsala, funded with Legacy monies, brought in playwright Tom Broadbent to produce and direct his play, "Henrietta!"

     The students worked with local music instructor Pam Johnson to prepare songs and choreography from the musical.  The sets were designed and created by local artist, Paul Jensen.  But the highlight of the show was the kids.  Henrietta is the story of Glenda’s pets and one rebellious chicken, Henrietta, who hates to go into the chicken coop at the end of the day. Her secret wish is to stay out all night long eating lightning bugs. But when she gets her wish, she realizes she prefers the safety of the coop to scary adventures after dark.