• All branches closed for Memorial Day, May 30th.

Art Exhibit at Waite Park Library Commemorates Memorial Day

In commemoration of Memorial Day, the quilt art exhibit “and still counting…,” a memorial to the U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians killed in the Iraq War, will return to Waite Park's Al Ringsmuth Public Library at the end of May.  A small portion of the exhibit was on display at the library in February. This time the entire project, a series of 2500 colorful quilt squares, will be erected outside the library on the fence surrounding the library’s parking lot.


Each six-inch quilt square represents one American service person who has died in the war. On each block are 212 black beads or French knots representing the Iraqis who have died. The bright colors represent the many races and creeds of the individuals, and their uniqueness. For the stitches and beads, black is used as the symbolic color of death.


Artist Caron Lage, who works as a branch assistant at the Waite Park library, initiated the project in the spring of 2007 after seeing photos of a display at Reed College in Portland Oregon using flags to memorialize the war casualties. This ongoing project is featured in the recently released book, "Quilting for Peace:  Make the World a Better Place One Stitch at a Time" by Katherine Bell.


The exhibit can be viewed from Friday, May 28 through the afternoon of Saturday, May 29.