You May Now Begin to Judge a Book by its Cover

Have you searched the Great River Regional Library (GRRL) catalog lately? Search results are looking a lot more colorful this year.

Almost any search result is now liberally sprinkled with cover art for books and movies. Not only is it more attractive, it’s also helpful. If you have seen a book and know the author but don’t remember the title, the covers can put you on track. If you have been working your way through an author’s books, but no longer remember which titles you have or have not read, looking at the covers can refresh your memory.

This is particularly true for contemporary authors. Almost every book from the recently updated Best Sellers listings has cover art, as do the children’s chapter book and picture book listings.

Fewer covers appear for DVDs, and at this point very few for music CDs. The catalog doesn’t show cover art for Led Zeppelin recordings, but it does show art for “When Giants Walked The Earth: a biography of Led Zeppelin” and other books on the group. We cannot increase the appearance of these covers now, but we hope to be able to do so in the future.

The cover art is a service purchased from a vendor. Whether covers are provided depends both on their availability to the vendor and to linking information in the computer record. Library staff are continuing to work at making more covers available for viewing.