Great River Regional Library is an equal employment opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will be considered for open positions without regard to age, color, national origin, religion, gender, veteran's status, marital status, disability, race, sexual orientation or any other protected status in accordance with applicable federal and state equal employment opportunity laws.  No question on this application is intended to secure information to be used for such purpose.

*Applicants requiring a reasonable accommodation to complete an application or attend an interview should contact Human Resources at (320) 650-2515.

ATTENTION APPLICANTS: We are currently experiencing issues with our applicant tracking system. We are diligently working with our software vendor to address and resolve these issues.

In order to continue to recruit for open positions during this time, we have created a temporary work-around for applying.

Follow the steps below to successfully apply:

1. Click on Current Job Openings at GRRL below to view all open positions including information regarding the location, hours/schedule and pay rate for the open position
2. Review the information included on this page under ALL APPLICANTS
3. If interested in applying for an open position, click on the job title below. Prepare your answers to the questions in this document PRIOR to logging into the application software
4. Click on the Current Job Openings at GRRL link again to access the application system
5. Click on the position for which you are interested in applying
6. Register/Log-in to the application system
7. Use the prepared document to cut and paste your answers into the comment fields in the application system.

You are limited to 30 minutes to complete the entire application process
(this timing-out issue is what we are working with our vendor to resolve)

Current Job Openings at GRRL

 Library Assistant     Library Aide      Circulation Aide     Driver Substitute    Technical Services Aide



Please Review The Information Below Carefully for Specific Instructions BEFORE Beginning the Application Process

For best results, use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as your browser when accessing the GRRL application system.

Please allow 30-60 minutes to complete the application process.

Once you begin your application for a specific position, you will not be able to save and finish later. However, once you have registered and submitted an application for one (1) position, your general information (education, employment history, skills, licenses & certifications, and memberships) will be stored under your user profile and will not need to be re-entered if you choose to apply for subsequent positions with GRRL.  You will have the opportunity to edit your general information and all changes will be reflected on all active previous and future applications.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST complete all Steps in the application process. Only applicants to be interviewed will be contacted.

Step 1 - Personal Information.

Step 2 - Resume.

Attaching Your Resume and/or Other Documents is optional. You may upload up to three (3) documents in this step. You may also type or paste a document from a word processing application.

  • Transcripts must be submitted if a degree is required for the position unless you are claiming equivalent experience.
  • If you wish to claim Veteran's Status, you MUST attach the appropriate form to this section (DD214, NGB 22, FL802, etc.)

Edit Your Profile. You MUST complete the Education and Employment History sections. Complete the other sections if they apply to you. Your application will not be accepted with just an attached resume.

  • Education (REQUIRED)
    • High School Students - choose NI (Not Indicated) for the degree and enter High School Student in the Learning Institution Field
    • MLS degree - please select 'Masters' in the degree field, enter the name of the learning institution, choose 'Library Science' in the major field and indicate whether it was an accredited or non-accredited program in the comments section
  • Employment History (REQUIRED)
    • For applicants without previous employment history, please enter NA in the Employer Name field.
  • Skills
  • Licenses & Certifications
  • Memberships

Step 3 - Questions. Each position is posted with questions specific to that position. Completion of these questions is required for each position that an applicant chooses to apply. PLEASE NOTE: the text boxes for each question will grow as you type a response.

Step 4 - Review and Submit.


Great River Regional Library job postings list the minimum education and experience acceptable for the posted position. It is important to note, however, that it is the intent of GRRL to hire the best qualified applicant for each position.

An “equivalent” (combination of education and/or experience) is comparable knowledge, skills, and abilities that have been achieved will be considered.  Education equivalencies will be based on one and half years of direct experience equal one year of formal education.


Important Facts Concerning Information Provided on Your Application.

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act requires you to be informed that the following information you will be asked to provide during the employment process* is considered Private Data: name, home address, gender, home phone number, age group, social security number, racial or ethnic group, date of birth and disability status. The data supplied also may be used for other purposes necessary for the administration of the GRRL business operations.

Private Data is available only to you and to other persons in GRRL or GRRL-related business who have a bona-fide need for the data. Public Data is available to anyone requesting it and consists of all data furnished in the employment process, which is not designated in this notice as Private Data, with the exception of your name if you are identified as a finalist.

*If you become a finalist for a position, your name, score and standing will become public information and may be provided to anyone upon request. If hired by GRRL, additional information provided on your application may become public data and you will be legally required to supply your Social Security Number and other applicable information required by federal and state agencies. Insurance data which you will be required to furnish in order to participate in GRRL's health and life insurance plans will be classified as private as will some payroll deduction data.

No job offer is final until formal approval by the Executive Director or appropriate Associate Director. Some positions require the examination of driving records. Any offer of employment is contingent upon presentation of acceptable proof of identity and the right to work in the United States, a valid MN driver's license if applicable, and college transcripts upon your hire date if applicable. False or misleading information given on the application materials may result in discharge.