52 Library Card Uses

52 Library Card Uses

Find out how to file a consumer complaint. Number 43 in a series of uses for your library card.

Hotel room stinky?
Online charges not what you expected?
Exercise equipment not performing as planned?

At some time or other most people will feel they got a raw deal and want to complain. So how do you go about it? Your library can help. We have books and other materials that give you specific advice. For example, Complaint Letters For Busy People can tell you how to complain about a product, company or service so you cut through the red tape and get satisfaction.

Our databases of journals and articles can also help. Click “select all” and use search terms like consumer complaint plus the topic you have an issue with. You may find an article you like.

Library staff will be happy to help further your search, and the reference resources at the St. Cloud Public Library are available to users of all 32 libraries in the Great River Regional Library system. Talk with your local library staff if you have a question, or contact the reference staff through the Ask A Librarian link.