• All branches closed for Memorial Day, May 30th.

Support The Library - Advocacy/Friends

An important way library supporters can help GRRL is by advocating on its behalf. Most library funding is provided from county taxation, and some is provided by the state. It is important that County Commissioners and elected Representatives know that their constituents want them to fund libraries adequately. Advocates can write letters of support, speak at public meetings, and talk with friends and acquaintances about the benefits healthy libraries provide to their communities.

Friends Groups
Friends of the Library groups have been established in many GRRL locations. Friends provide support at the grass roots level by assisting library staff with projects, holding fundraisers, assisting at programs, etc. Please speak with staff at your local GRRL location to find out information about Friends activities.

The Online Store
You can show your support for the library by wearing clothing or using a bag that features the library logo. Visit the Library Store to see a variety of attractive and practical items available.