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Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

Pop Goes the Popcorn
(sung to:  Pop Goes the Weasel)
Put the kernels in the pot.
Don't forget the oil.
Cook it and shake it 'til it gets hot.
POP goes the popcorn!

Food Tasting
Show your child some foods they know and don't know.  Encourage them to taste the foods and and talk about them.  You may need to offer some prompts, such as, "Is it salty or sweet?"  "Is it smooth or rough?"  "Is it spicy or bitter?"

Grocery List
Next time you make a grocery list, invite your child to make one too.  Invite them to draw pictures of the things you want and the things they want.

Open a Restaurant
Use play food or boxes and cans from your kitchen to create a restaurant.  Set up a table with plates and silverware.  Make a picture menu of foods to "serve" at the restaurant.  Your child can pretend to write down your "order" and prepare the food.

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