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Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

Circle Song
(Sung to: "If You're Happy & You Know It")
A circle is a shape that goes round.  A circle is a shape that goes round.

A circle is a shape that goes round, And round and round.

A circle is a shape that goes round.

Shapes in Art
Find a book about art at the library. Find as many different shapes as you can in the book. Talk with your child about why the artist chose one shape instead of another. How would the picture look different if the artist chose a different shape?

Shape Art
Cut many shapes from magazines or catalogs. Using glue your child can create a colorful design using all of the shapes. Encourage your child to draw in details and name the art work.

Shape Circus
Draw random shapes on the driveway using sidewalk chalk or cut paper shapes for inside. Place the shapes close enough for your child to go from one to the next. Now have your child pretend to be a circus performer!  See if they can hop from shape to shape, or just on all the circles!

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