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Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

Jaguar in the Jungle
(Sung to: The Farmer In The Dell)
The jaguar is a cat, The jaguar is a cat.
Hi Ho the jungle O, The jaguar is a cat.

Other Verses:  The jaguar can run fast, It lives in the jungle.

Jungle Talk
Ask you child about the jungle.  What kind of animals will they find there?  What's the weather like?  Is it dangerous?  Try to keep the conversation going back and forth five times.

In the Jungle
Ask your child to draw a jungle scene with crayons and markers.  If your child has animal toys let them dip them in paint to add animal tracks.  They can also add foamies, stickers and grass from outside for amore realistic jungle.

Wild Cat!
Tape some paper or felt triangles onto an old headband or pipecleaners and let your child pretend to be a wild jungle cat!  You can build a cat's den by putting blankets or sheets over a couple of chairs.  Roar!

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