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Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

My Family is So Fun
(Sung to: “The Farmer in the Dell”)
My family is so fun, My family is so fun
Hi ho, I'll tell you so, My Family is so fun
My Mommy like to whistle, My Mommy likes to whistle
Hi Ho, I'll tell you so, My Mommy likes to whistle

Other Verses:
My Daddy likes to dance, My Sister likes to juggle, My Brother likes to yodel

Family Photos
Look through family photos with your child as you explain who the people are.  Ask your child what they remember about each person and a fun thing they would like to do the next time they see them.

Family Mail
You and your child can write a letter to a family member who lives far away.  Ask your child to tell you what they would like to say as you write the words.  Then have your child "write" a part of the letter themselves or draw a picture to go with it.  Send it to the family member to make their day!

Play House!
You may remember "playing house" as a child.  Encourage your child to pretend to be a mommy, daddy, aunt or uncle to a doll or stuffed animal.  Help them pretend by asking them what a mommy or daddy does.  You can also pretend to be the child or an aunt or uncle!

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