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Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

Summer Butterfly
(Sung to: "The Muffin Man")
Do you know a butterfly,
A butterfly, a butterfly
Do you know a butterfly,
Who loves a summer day?

Yes we know a butterfly
A butterfly, a butterfly
Yes we know a butterfly
That loves a summer day!

Under the Log
Have your child place a board, brick, or log in the backyard, a garden or a field near by.  Talk with your child about what they see in this spot.  Ask them what they think will happen under the log.  Return to the spot in a week, lift the "log", and talk about what he sees.

Pool Painting
Put large pieces of paper in the bottom of a plastic swimming pool. Fill some shallow pans with washable paints and let your child dip summer toys in the paint and run, roll or drop them on the paper.  Once dry ask your child to draw and write things they like about summer.

Shadow Tracing
Go outside with your child on a sunny day.  Using chalk trace his shadow.  Have him change positions, then trace his shadow again.  Make several tracings, then ask your child what the shadows are doing.  See if you can help him make up a story about them.

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