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Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

Family Helpers
(Sung to: "Are You Sleeping")
How is Mommy, How is mommy
She is fine, she is fine
She is making dinner, she is making dinner
Can you help?  Can you help?

Other verses:
Daddy - He is raking fall leaves, Brother - He is building race cars, Sister - She is petting kitty

Recording Artist
Talk with your child about a family member who's birthday is coming up.  Record them as they tell you what they like about this person and any stories they remember about them.  Send this to the family member for their birthday.

Family Favorites
Ask your child to draw a family members on a piece of paper with crayons or markers.  Ask them to write their names down next to them and write or draw things they like.

Water Painting
Use a bucket of water and paintbrushes to do a fun family activity together.  Have the child begin painting a picture with water on the sidewalk outside.  Have a family member start a separate picture, then have the two trade places to finish each other's pictures.  Share silly stories back and forth as you go.

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